Reinventing personalized service

It’s personal.

After having worked in various tech startups helping businesses leverage Wi-Fi to become smart business, we came to the conclusion that focus on the in-store experience was often lost in the technology, and confusing interfaces and lack of personalization demotivated customers and staff members. Nevertheless, we were convinced that Wi-Fi -- nearly universally available and pre-activated (unlike bluetooth) -- was the key to removing friction and making the promise of customer recognition a reality. That’s when we decided to take matters into our own hands and reinvent the system from the ground up. We created Cheerfy, a cohesive Wi-Fi based customer recognition and relationship tool you can carry in your pocket. Our goal is to make it effortless for busy managers and their staff to understand who their customers are and use this information to provide service with a personal touch and continuously improve their business.


Carlos Gómez, Co-Founder & CEO

Carlos is Co-founder and CEO of Cheerfy. He is an entrepreneur and executive with 15 years of leadership experience in the technology and startup sectors. Prior to Cheerfy, Carlos served in several leadership roles at Nortel, was Global Partnerships Director at Fon (Google funded) and CEO of We2. He is also Co-Founder of WePlan, a leading mobile tariff comparison app and a Board Director at Elsatel, a London telecoms startup with a focus on emerging markets. Carlos holds an MBA from IE Business School and has completed Executive Education from MIT.

Adrián Maseda, Co-Founder & COO

Adrian is Co-founder and COO of Cheerfy. He is an entrepreneur and telecoms executive with 15 years of business development experience, leading sales, and business and operations for Telcos worldwide. Prior to Cheerfy, Adrian held a variety of leadership roles at Nortel, Aricent, We2 and and founded Protos, a UK consultancy and advisory firm. Adrian completed Executive Education at Harvard Business School.

Valentín Moreno, CTO

Valentin is the the CTO of Cheerfy. He has 10 years experience in SW development as a leader, designer and developer. Prior to Cheerfy, Valentin was CTO at Taalk, Co-Founder and CTO at RiderState, Architect at Fon and a developer at Ya.com (acquired by Deutsche Telekom). He holds a BA in Telecoms Engineering from Carlos III University in Madrid.

Jen Allerson, Marketing Advisor

Jen leads Cheerfy’s branding, media relations, internal communications and community relations efforts. She has 20 years of communications, branding and marketing experience in the technology and startup sectors. Prior to Cheerfy she worked with Accenture, Motorola, the NCSA, Fon, and Yuilop (acquired by MasMovil), We2 and Alto Data Analytics. Jen holds a BS in Business Administration from the University of Illinois and an MBA from the Stockholm School of economics.

Oliver Mas, Lead Android Developer

Oliver is Cheerfy’s lead Android developer. He has 10 years experience in SW Development with a focus on Android Apps, including wearables. Prior to Cheerfy, Oliver worked at Telefónica and various startups. He holds a MSc in SW Engineering.

Paul Web, Lead iOS Developer

Paul is Cheerfy’s lead iOS developer. He has been developing with iOS since the iPhone first appeared, and spent many years developing with OSX before that. Prior to Cheerfy, Paul has worked on many first-class apps for well known global brands and clients such as Fox Sports and Infiniti Cars. Paul holds a BSc in SW Engineering and an MA in Computation Media Art.

Manuel Martín, Big Data

Manu is Cheerfy’s head of Big Data. He is an entrepreneur with 10 years experience across multiple sectors with a focus on finance and business intelligence. Prior to Cheerfy he founded AreaSeys, a SaaS risk management startup and was part of the We2 executive team. Manuel holds an MBA from IE Business School and BA in Physics.

Jaime Ruas, Creative Director

Jaime is Creative Director at Cheerfy. He has 10 years of experience and unparalleled expertise in Creative Direction and Digital Design. He also leads Creative & Direction Master Programs at multiple universities. Jaime holds masters degrees in Fine Arts and Graphic Design.

Board Advisors and Investors

Francesca Danzi

Francesca is a Customer Experience and Retail Transformation specialist with over 15 years experience in customer engagement and communications. She contributed to Burberry’s transformation into the leading digital luxury brand of the world.

Antonio García-Urgelés
Antonio García-Urgelés

Antonio is an Angel Investor and Board Advisor in multiple startups in Europe & US. Antonio has over 20 years experience in leading IT and Mobile Internet companies, as Former Global Consumer Director at Vodafone, Senior Vice-President at Terra Lycos, and Microsoft Marketing Director.

Sanjay Khanna
Sanjay Khanna

Sanjay has 30 years experience in the Banking sector. Sanjay has held senior executive positions as Managing Director at Barclays Bank and multiple leadership roles at Citibank. Instrumental to top-level bank relationships in Europe

Marcelo Caputo
Marcelo Caputo

Marcelo has held multiple C-level roles in Telefonica LATAM and the USA, driving high level engagement among CEOs and CSOs in the region.

Mark Lowenstein
Mark Lowenstein

Mark is one of the wireless industry’s foremost executives and thought leaders. First as EVP with the Yankee Group and then as Managing director of the Mobile Ecosystem and VP of Strategy at Verizon.

Fernando de Palacio
Fernando de Palacio

Fernando has 30 years in the Technological sector, including as Managing Director of Qualcomm Iberia and other advisory roles. Instrumental to top-level telco relationships in Europe.