What is Cheerfy?

Cheerfy is an incredibly simple, Wi-Fi based customer recognition and relationship tool created to help businesses of all sizes offer more personalized service. Cheerfy has two parts: the Cheerfy device, a platform connects to any existing broadband source, and an app available for Android and iOS. Together they allow businesses to provide seamless Wi-Fi access to their customers in-store, view real-time information about their clients (birthdate, number of visits, preferences, etc.) from anywhere, stay in touch later with custom email messages, and much more.

Will Cheerfy work at my business?

Yes. Our service works at any type of business with access to a broadband connection and a laptop or mobile device - restaurants, hotels, large brands, etc.

How do I get Cheerfy?

Right now Cheerfy is available in Lisbon, London, Madrid, and New York. Get started now if your businesses is in any of these regions or you want to be notified when Cheerfy comes to your region.

How many Cheerfy devices do I need?

One Cheerfy device is enough in most cases, supporting up to 60 users simultaneously. If your location is multi-level or much larger than one room, contact us at help@cheerfy.com to talk about customizing your order.

When will Cheerfy activate my account?

Once your company has been approved please allow approximately 2 weeks for delivery. The Cheerfy app can be download from the App Store or Google Play at any time and onto any device (but it will not useful until the Cheerfy Wi-Fi device has been installed).

Who should I talk to if I have questions about Cheerfy?

Please send an email to info@cheerfy.com