The simple, Wi-Fi based customer recognition and relationship tool.


Cheerfy in Hospitality and Retail

Grow your business

Cheerfy is the incredibly simple customer recognition and relationship system that enables you to use your Wi-Fi to know more about your clients in real time and stay in touch later—so you can provide more personalized service, improve customer loyalty and your bottom line.

In good company

From Michelin star restaurants to hotels to retailers, Cheerfy helps businesses around the world offer more personalized service. In addition to small businesses and retail chains, we also offer partnerships with big brands and telcos.

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Simple setup

Cheerfy makes offering Wi-Fi to your customers and setting up CRM easy for everyone. Our platform plugs right into your existing ADSL/Fiber/Broadband source and the Cheerfy app is easy to download onto your laptop, smartphone, smartwatch or tablet, on your counter, in the office or on the go.


Take personalized service to the next level.

The more you know about your customers the more you can personalize your service to better meet their needs and better yet exceed their expectations. Cheerfy gives you access to your customers’ profiles on the spot and makes it easy to contact later to keep them coming back.

Know your customers better instantly

Cheerfy allows you to know valuable information about your customers—see where they are from, their birthday, preferences and more the second they check in to your Wi-Fi, allowing you to greet even first time customers like regulars.

Take notes on customer preferences, by hand or voice

With Cheerfy you can instantly populate customers’ background with your own notes. Type them in, use tags or your voice—which means you’ll never have to ask them if they prefer regular or sparkling water again!

Send automated custom messages to your customers

Cheerfy gives you control over even the tiniest details. Our automated messaging layer allows you to set up personalized messages that your customers will see based on the context—send welcome messages, thank you notes, congratulations and even ask for feedback.


View customer activity and analytics.

By allowing your customers to check in to Wi-Fi through Cheerfy, you can see who is in your establishment at any time. You can also see if they are new customers or how many times they have visited you in the past. Take advantage of our “pocket CRM” features to easily filter and sort through customer records to dial in on the kind of view you want.

Get customer statistics and analytics

The more you use Cheerfy, the more we can help you identify customer trends and opportunities. Talk to us about developing user-friendly statistics for your business.


Stay in touch with customers effortlessly

Now you can stay in touch with customers by creating targeted emails in seconds. Cheerfy’s email template is fast to set up and easy to customize. You can also sort your customer database to target groups of customers, and then track results in real-time.

Trigger email messages whenever you want

They’re your customers, so you should be able to communicate with them when you want to. Cheerfy gives you that power. No need to rely on complicated booking systems that eat into margins.

Create and edit your messages on the fly

Manage details like names, subject, and email content direct from the app. Set up emails when you want and schedule emails to be sent based on specific dates and times or triggers like birthdays.

Target your audience, easy filters

Last visit, number of visits, age, birthday, gender, language, other tags—our filters make it simple and efficient to target just the right customers.

Stay on top of results, in real-time

You can start tracking the overall success of an email message the moment has been sent. You can also check results on an individual level. Every customer card indicates which messages have been viewed, so when a client comes back to your store, you’ll know right away if it was the result of your communications efforts.


Wi-Fi how you and your customers like it.

With Cheerfy, your customers can enjoy a secure, quality Wi-Fi connection at your location in seconds—so you can concentrate on running your business and improving customer experience.

Offer a seamless Wi-Fi connection

Cheerfy allows your customers to login with a click using social credentials or an email account. On future visits they won’t have to lift a finger. Your customers will connect automatically at your location, or at other locations within the Cheerfy network—great for chains or franchises.

Customize your landing page

Personalize the Wi-Fi landing page to match your business. Add your logo, photo and welcome message.

  • Works on Desktops, iPhone, iPad, and Android phones, tablets and smartwatches (Android).
  • Connects to existing broadband.
  • Create a simple yet powerful CRM.
  • Gives customers seamless Wi-Fi access.
  • Get instant customer recognition.
  • Create email campaigns right from the app.
  • Take notes by typing or voice.
  • View activity and statistics.
  • Control what employees see.
  • Personalize your customer experience.


Cheerfy combines hardware and software to turn your existing broadband connection into a simple customer recognition and customer relationship management (CRM) tool. Once you’ve connected the Cheerfy platform to ADSL/Fiber/broadband at your business and downloaded the Cheerfy app onto the Apple or Android devices of your choice, your customers will have seamless access to Wi-Fi at your business, and you’ll have access to Cheerfy’s features wherever you go.

Cheerfy in just a few simple steps.

All you need is a connection to the Internet, we’ll take care of the rest
and keep all your Cheerfy software updated automatically.

1. Make sure you have an existing broadband connectivity.

Already have broadband connectivity at your business? You’re all set. Need broadband?
Cheerfy is not an internet service provider (ISP), but we’d be happy
to recommend one in your area.

2. Order the Cheerfy platform.

The Cheerfy platform is a powerful device that connects directly to your existing ADSL/Fiber/Broadband device.
The device creates a secure, quality Wi-Fi signal for your customers and gives you the ability
to access the Cheerfy CRM. Cheerfy is currently available for order in the United States,
the United Kingdom, Spain and Portugal.

3. Set up your Cheerfy counter.

Plug the Cheerfy platform into your existing ADSL/Fiber/Broadband router or device and register it.
Download the Cheerfy app onto any Apple or Android device. Available for free in the App Store and on Google Play.
Place stickers and signs where your customers can see them,
so they know right away Wi-Fi is available and how to connect.


Cheerfy helps business around the world know their customers better, personalize
their service and improve their bottom line.

”A restaurant is like a theatre with live performances. There is always an element of spontaneity, but the more you can plan for the better. In this sense, Cheerfy’s real-time customer recognition gives us unprecedented control over how well we can greet, serve and delight nearly everyone.”


”As a Michelin star restaurant in Manhattan, we’re expected to provide the best-in-class service. Since implementing Cheerfy we’ve been able to take the personal attention we give to our clients to the next level. And it was so easy. I wish we had done it earlier.”


”Our restaurant serves more than delicious food. We weave an emotional experience into every detail of the meal, including the atmosphere. Now with Cheerfy, that includes a no-fuss, high quality Internet connection that makes our customers happy on site, and gives us a simple way to get in touch with them again later.”